McLaren 570GT

The McLaren 570GT is the most refined and road-biased McLaren yet, designed with a focus on day-to-day usability and long distance comfort. The luxurious interior of the 570GT is the perfect home for the Bowers & Wilkins Audio System, where its pristine surround sound perfectly meets the entertainment needs of the longer drives that the 570GT is designed for.


Perfectly Integrated

The Bowers & Wilkins Audio System is designed to deliver pristine sound in the McLaren 570GT's unique cabin architecture. From the Tweeter-on-Top design of the console to the subtly integrated in-door speakers and woofer, the system is designed to complement your driving pleasure.



It’s the subtle nuances that make all the difference to audio within a sports car. The McLaren 570GT's audio system delivers spine-tingling detail and spaciousness thanks to tried and tested technologies, including Bowers & Wilkins Tweeter-on-Top technology. A Tweeter-on-Top centre speaker minimises acoustic reflection from the windscreen and removes cabinet coloration, resulting in a sound that’s more detailed and true to life.

Fine Tuning

Tuning an automotive speaker system is a fine art. One that requires expert ears, hours of listening, and in the case of the 570GT, extensive collaboration between the engineers of McLaren and
Bowers & Wilkins.

Advanced technologies

The 570GT's Bowers & Wilkins Audio System features drivers that use the same acoustic materials as our high-performance speakers, including aluminium tweeters, Kevlar® midrange units, and Rohacell® woofers.

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