Within the eclectic musical landscape that already marks the WOMAD Festival out as a champion of music and culture from around world, there is a corner of the Charlton Park site that still managed to carve out its own distinctive contribution to the musical palette; a new stage dedicated to experimental sounds.

The programming for the stage in July 2018 featured innovative composition and performance, artists in conversation, new jazz flavours, the intersection of music and technology and late night dancing. Lots of dancing. This compilation captures the essence of that weekend and is a remarkable aural adventure. Join the audience as they become immersed in everything from the eerie sound of the black grouse in a natural sound recording from the remote Scottish landscape, to the transcendent release of Colombian techno.

Featured throughout are artists who are breaking new ground in the realms of experimental, virtuoso performances using technology to push the boundaries of what one performer and their instrument can do:

Jennie Abrahamson brought her own brand of off-kilter Scandinavia pop; sharp-edged indie synth flavours with more than a hint of melancholic undertow and songs that appeal to the brain as well as the body. Rob Lewis’ unique style puts a contemporary twist on classical music; combining classical instruments with more modern production techniques. As a professional cellist and multi-instrumentalist, Rob creates music that is inspiring, energetic and emotive. Caiomhín Ó Raghallaigh is one of Ireland's leading traditional fiddle players, which he fuses with contemporary and electronic influences. He has developed his own programmes and apps to personalise and expand the reach of his instrument, the 10-string hardanger d’amour fiddle, employing strained delays, resonant tones, and otherworldly atmospherics.

Erland Cooper the award winning, multi-instrumentalist and producer, who was born and raised on the archipelago of Orkney, Scotland, discussed the role environmental factors play on the creation of music – this song from his album Solan Goose, explores the balance between alternative, electronic and classical music. Chris Watson one of the world's leading recorders of wildlife and natural phenomena, presents 'Riding The Silver Tide' a celebration of the glorious ensemble of songs and signals that sweeps through a diverse range of British habitats (from Scotland to Cornwall) during the dawn chorus of early summer.

A jazz drummer who has drum & bass and broken beat as his internal heartbeat, Richard Spaven is one of the most open-eared and adventurous musicians around, making music that narrows any gulf there might have been between jazz and dance music. His Trio feature guitarist Stuart McCallum and bassist Robin Mullarkey.

As the sun fades and the neon lights start to sparkle each evening saw new female artists take centre stage.  Moonlight Benjamin shares her soul with the crowds, blending her rhythmic Haitian sounds with Afro-Caribbean poetry that is an ode to her beloved country. Deep Deep Water – sharp post-rock and understated electronica pop band - are lead by Talia Cohen with a voice that shifts from soothing to soaring in an instant.

And at the end of the night on the final day of the festival, the stage closed with Mitú, the Colombian duo who excel at a fascinating, dance-floor friendly face off between roots and electronica. Trance-inducing, mind-altering moments… loose yourself along with the crowd.

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