Richard Spaven's unique, subtle take on drumming and the way “he plays like a wild flower grows” (Mary Anne Hobbs /6 Music Recommends), has made him a sought-after performer with successful global artists and at Drum events and festivals around the world.

Following his critically acclaimed 2017 release ‘The Self’, (the title track featuring Jordan Rakei has reached over 500k plays) Richard is back with a special studio album.

Recorded live during a week at Real World Studios in the Bath countryside, ‘Real Time’ captures the artfulness of a band of musicians creating something truly unique. Richard’s long history with his band was an inspiration during the writing of this record. His collaboration with vocalist Jordan Rakei is continued - exceeding expectations after a week-long residential recording session. In addition is co-writer and long standing band member Stuart McCallum (Cinematic Orchestra, The Breath) on guitars. The recordings also feature Robin Mullarkey (Jacob Collier) on bass, and Oli Rockberger (Laura Mvula) on keys.

Notable for their diverse production skills, Frederic Robinson (Medschool) and Jameszoo (Brainfeeder) join Richard on ‘Real Time’. The inclusion of their intricate sound design and warped, distorted abstract ensures that the music on ‘Real Time’ is elevated to new levels. Throughout the nine tracks, Richard on drums plays artfully with the beats - subtlety abounds yet grooving is hard in constantly shifting, unexpected turns of rhythmic layers.

The result is modern-sounding electronica from a group of exquisitely talented forward-thinking musicians who are not bound by any genre but thrive in the simple idea of creating and playing together.

Richard Spaven talks about the experience of recording 'Real Time at Real World'

Having the opportunity to record with my whole band at the renowned Real World studios was an inspiration in itself. Knowing that this was to be the recording venue offered an inspiring angle to the writing process - with the opportunity to track together as a band, in the best acoustic environment possible.

It was pianist Oli Rockberger and I who arrived first. Through a blizzard on the M4 as I remember - we felt fortunate to not be stranded at the Travelodge at Reading services. We were given a casual tour on arrival by the assistant engineer. I remember swooning at the sight of the Big Room and Wood Room... and pinching ourselves that this was really happening.

With the band in situ and the session smoothly underway, something I had underestimated was the residential aspect. This meant that we not only recorded together - but listened, dined and shared the whole experience as a band. So important, such a luxury - something I've not had the opportunity to do before.

The sessions themselves were very focused (we had a whole album to record in four days). There was also an element of experimentation - engineer Patrick Phillips rolling out his hose pipes for recording for instance. Such a professional, creative and constructive atmosphere was maintained throughout the four days - I feel it brought out the best in us. Inside the Real World bubble - a great place to be. I knew we were getting great results as we proceeded through the session. There were some magic moments where singer Jordan Rakei added his vocals to 'Faded'. The view from behind my drums was of my favourite musicians digging deep, in a beautiful high ceiling wood room - with some very desirable microphones in close proximity.

It was an ecstatic / exhausted state by completion - and a shame to burst the bubble. My feeling was so strong that we had a special album in the bag. Such an honour and a pleasure to produce this music at this prestigious place.

Society of Sound members download the album here

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