Cara Dillon, possessed of one of the most acclaimed and celebrated folk voices to have come out of Ireland, released her evocative take on Christmas in 2016 called "Upon A Winter's Night”. If you have ever yearned for an atmospheric and cinematic soundtrack to accompany the mystery and faith abound in the Christmas story then yearn no more.

Together with her musical partner/producer (and husband) Sam Lakeman, they have captured the essence of Christmas with a collection of songs ancient and modern that provide a much-needed antidote to 21st century Yuletide excess. There is another side to Christmas...far away from Bing crooning and Noddy screaming…it's a place where the story of Jesus' birth is retold with genuine wonder and celebrated with the gravitas and reverence it truly deserves. They’ve made a brave and intensely satisfying decision choosing to steer the musical tone of the album into much darker territory.

Having reached Number 1 when first released in the UK Indie Album Breakers Charts not once, but twice, we’re thrilled to be the first to bring you the exclusive hi res audio of this now iconic record.

"Upon A Winter's Night" is full of moments only a seasoned and extremely capable singer would dream of attempting, let alone succeed at with such grace, honesty and poise.

Cara and Sam don't release music often, but whenever they do it's an occasion to treasure. This is certainly no exception and has already become a Christmas classic for many. Cara is currently on a her third year touring “Upon A Winter’s Night” throughout the UK and Ireland which is a clear testament to it’s success.

Beautifully recorded in a variety of locations including Gorbals Sound, Cooper Hall and Cara and Sam’s own Random Sounds Studio, “Upon A Winter’s Night” features acoustic arrangements that are simple, open and dynamic with performances that are both sympathetic and full of character.

Throughout an enviable career which has seen her explore opportunities to tread many different paths – from releasing folk crossover albums on indie label Rough Trade; working on Disney soundtracks to collaborations with leading UK dance DJ/producers – Cara has continuously chosen to firmly plant herself within the landscape of her cultural heritage. She occupies a position at the very top of the Irish Folk genre. This extraordinary Irish singer has been captivating audiences, winning awards and achieving exceptional acclaim for over 20 years. She has (according to Mojo magazine) "Quite possibly the World's most beautiful female voice”.

“simple and stunning” - The Sunday Times

“An instant Christmas classic” - BBC Radio 2 (Mark Radcliffe)

“there’s enchantment aplenty” - The Independent 

As always we’d like to share our heartfelt thanks to everyone who took part in the making of this album, we never take your talents for granted; to both our families for their constant love; and to all our friends for keeping us sane throughout this festive project.

This album is dedicated to anyone who yearns for the company of someone they love, may it bring you some comfort, especially at Christmas time.

Cara & Sam


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