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The Bowers & Wilkins AM-1 architectural monitor brings impeccable sound quality to places where conventional speakers fear to tread. It's designed to sound stunning mounted anywhere: indoors or out, year round, in all conditions.
It's the most durable, versatile speaker we have ever made, with all of the audio performance you can expect from a Bowers & Wilkins loudspeaker.

Live anywhere

The ultra-durable, weather resistant AM-1 is designed with the outdoors in mind – perfect for patios, gardens and poolsides – but its robust design and sleek looks also make it a great choice for public indoor spaces such as restaurants and bars. It's also versatile: designed to be positioned horizontally or vertically, with an easy-to-install bracket.


With its rust-proof aluminium grille and super-rigid cabinet, AM-1 is our most durable speaker ever. Indoors or outdoors, at home or in a restaurant, it’s guaranteed to perform beautifully whatever the weather.

UV resistant

AM-1 has been subjected to rigorous environmental tests. These include ultraviolet (UV) exposure, to replicate long-term outdoor use, and testing inside an accelerated salt-spray chamber, to ensure it can brave the elements.

AM-1 live anywhere

Inverted driver array

When used outdoors or in public spaces, speakers tend to be mounted above the listener. So our engineers turned traditional speaker design on its head with the AM-1. Its tweeter sits below the other drivers, angling the optimum listening axis – the point where the units operate exactly in phase – down by around 10 degrees. Perfectionism to give you pristine sound anywhere.

Auxiliary bass radiator

We've come up with an ingenious way to produce powerful bass from a sealed, weatherproof speaker. The rear-mounted ABR delivers truly remarkable bass response for a speaker of its kind.

220 degree rotation

The AM-1's bracket is easy to install, thanks to an ingenious one-plug mounting system. It projects minimally from the wall, yet allows the speaker to rotate through 220 degrees, so you can angle the speakers optimally.

AM-1 drivers

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Specifications in full

High-quality sound and supreme flexibility in Bowers & Wilkins most durable speaker: the all-weather AM-1 is ideal for both outdoor and public indoor installation. It's also easy to mount, horizontally or vertically. AM-1 features an ‘inverted driver’ design, with a 25mm aluminium dome tweeter mounted beneath a 5" glass-fibre driver, as well as a rear-mounted Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR).

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