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Car Audio

The quest for true, unadulterated sound drives everything Bowers & Wilkins does. Our car systems are no exception. With each of our partners we work relentlessly to progress car audio to new technological heights. The ultimate goal: to achieve True Sound for each unique cabin architecture and driving experience.

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News, reviews, events and more from the Automotive team at Bowers & Wilkins. Check out the latest automotive updates below.

6 extravagant golden items

We partnered with BMW to explore six extravagant gold products, featuring our PX and T7 Wireless speaker in celebration of the launch of the BMW X2.
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The ultimate driving playlist

Uncompromising sound for an uncompromising car. To celebrate the launch of the McLaren Senna we created the ultimate playlist for the worlds finest road legal track car.
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KLARA X Bowers & Wilkins

From its beginnings as a compelling TV advert soundtrack, to a fully recorded, produced and released song, "These Woods (Human Made)" is the result of a creative partnership between Bowers & Wilkins, Volvo UK and KLARA.
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